Runway Remix

The world of fashion seems to be a revolving door. With each generation borrowing and remixing things from the past. But things are different now, the past few years have bought about a shift in well, everything! People are liberated, more vocal, more expressive in general, and the fashion world is no exception.

Even how the consumer shops is different. Before you only had access to what was being sold in your local mall or department store. Now, thanks to technology, 1 click and I can have almost anything sent to my door step, from almost anywhere, for the cost of shipping and handling. This makes the possibilities endless.

Before people were looking to fit in. Today, people are looking to stand out!! Especially millennials, and everything about today's fashion screams 21st Century. Many looks that are premiered at fashion weeks across the world are so dramatic, you wouldn't think about actually wearing them. But in 2018, fear has no home.  Here a few killer looks remixed, from the runway to the streets!!

Color Crazy

Bright colors are embraced. Even down to the hair! More daring the colors, the bigger props you will get for pulling it off. (if you do it right)  Bright Pinks, Electric Blues, Oranges and Yellows, all are no longer feared.

Source: Facebook via Briana Harris  Designer: Unknown

2018-2019 Fall/Winter looks. From left to right. Balmain. Balenciaga. Prada. Source: Vogue

Work Clothes

Huh?.... Constructions clothes seems to be in right now. From orange to neon green, down to the reflectors! Work force inspired industrial looks are in!  
Via Instagram Model: Raemaesha Beamon
designer: @killaroses
Source: Vogue

 Twinkle Twinkle Big Star!

A little shine just isn't enough. It has to jump off of the garment, literally. Whether its embellishments to a jacket or daring one pieces, a little doesn't go a long way anymore. Own it entirely!
Via Instagram Rap Artist NasB (@NasBthagoat) @nasbthagoat
 designer: @angelbrinks

Source: Vogue
Anish Fall 2018. photo:

Polo Anyone?

Its a look!! All of those 90's brands that you though were out of style, dig them back up... classic brands like Calvin Klein, Kappa and Fila are still making their way in 2018. These sporty chic looks are head turners.   

Via Instagram @sidditylu_
styled by Ion Milan

Versace Fall 2018

In the music and fashion industry, influences come from all over the world. But I think its safe to say that the youth in America are in charge right now. From Fashion Week in New York to runways in Paris, what they're wearing in the streets is...


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