Designer Highlight || Basia Rose

Basia Rose's grand opening was nothing short of amazing!! It took place Dec 8th, 2018 and she is located at 1617 West North Ave Milwaukee, WI 53205.  

Basia Spencer was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and has always had a eye for fashion. Her style is very classic, but still glam and can be seen throughout her collection.
Walking in was an explosion of pretty pink energy!! Literally! There was an array of #Rosebuds, at the door that greeted you upon arrival with raffle tickets and wine. Pink, silver, gold and white balloons lined the windows, pink diamond studded chairs and a huge rack of clothes to die for. The display outside of the store turned heads as people drove past slowly just to get a peek of what was going on.

 Throughout the evening there were prizes given away and a fashion show that took place. Her collection was very timeless and was themed around the holiday season. There were lots of different textures and colors in the collection and there was truly something for all different shades, shapes and sizes. Items are moderately priced and Basia is also available for custom designs.

In addition to her grand opening, Basia also allowed for other entrepreneurs to display their items and even introduced them in a segment she titled "Spotlight". From her photographer to her hairstylist, she was sure to link everyone in the room.
Despite Basia's busy schedule I was able to catch up with her and ask a few questions I was dying to ask her.  Here is what she had to say.

Q: What is your process when designing? Is it free hand work or do you always sketch a design first?

A: Everything is pretty much free hand, I come up with a design and most of the time I buy a sewing pattern. Most of my designs in the store are manufactured now. I will sketch here in there for custom designs just to get a understanding of what my Rosebuds want but I am not really too good with drawing. I have someone now who is a great artist to help take my custom orders and sketch a picture for me to bring to life.

Q: Who taught you how to sew? Do you use patterns?

A: My Auntie Mary taught me how to sew. (She was at the Grand Opening as well) She gave me one of her old machines and gave me my first sewing lesson. I started off making bibs and blankets for my daughter when she was a baby. She is 4 now. I literally only been sewing for almost 4 years. I do use patterns but I am familiar with some shapes for garments. 

Q:What was the biggest hurdle that you've over come with the opening of your store?

A: Team building and time management. I say that because in order to have time for my self I will need a team, but I am not at that level financially to hire some one full time so I have to figure out a way to balance everything out. (Being a store owner, seamstress, a mom, while having a personal life and a part time job still) I pretty much do not have a personal life. 

Q: Where do you get inspiration from? Are there any musical artist that inspire you?

A: I love anything sequin and floral print. I like things that are timeless. Things that can still be worn again but differently. I think of busy women, get off of work, take you blazer off and go have a cocktail but still be dressed appropriate. My favorite fashion icons that are in music are JLO, Ashanti, Rihanna, and Rita Ora

Q: And who was the lady that danced the whole time during the runway show? (she was so cute basia)

A: LMAO that one of my Rose Buds. (all the models were) Her Name is Jodie and she is a radio show host.. She was too live. I low key wasnt expecting that. I love her tho she definately showed out lol. I've made her a jacket and a dress before. She is very fun to be around.

If you missed it, too bad!!

Just kidding, here was my POV.


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