Best Collabortions of 2018

Gucci x Dapper Dan

Born in Harlem, Daniel Day, also known as Dapper Dan unknowingly changed the relationship between high fashion and Hip Hop Culture. In the 80's, the hip hop scene in Harlem was unmatched.
In 1982 Dapper Dan opened a store in which he sold high end fur coats. His creativity took over and he began making what people referred to as "Knock-ups". He would take logos and prints from major companies such as Gucci, MCM, and Fendi and make pieces so extravagant and luxurious that the consumer didn't care that the pieces didn't come from the factory. In a movie titled "Paid In Full", Dapper Dan's custom items can be seen throughout the entire movie. In 1988, there was an altercation that took place outside of Dap's shop located on 125th. It made headlines which caught the attention of Fendi's lawyers and was the beginning of his take down. He was finally forced to close his doors in 1992.
In 2018 Gucci was called out for creating a replica of Dapper Dan's replica. Although it was LV's (Louis Vuitton) and not double G's on the original coat worn by Diane Dixon, (an Olympic Gold Medal winner), those who knew where it came from did not let up.
 It was announced soon after that Gucci and Dapper Dan would be working on a collaboration. Gucci provided the space and fabrics for Dan to work, and Daniel bought what he had all along, his vision! He told GQ in a interview "Gucci wanted this speakeasy effect. And I like it" and "the stampede would be too much if I was to open the doors without having private appointments". The 2018 Gucci Cruise collection is pictured below.

Fendi and Fila!

Believe it or not, this collaboration didn't come directly from someone sitting at either end of the table. Scottish artist @Hey_Reilly, known for what he refers to as "brandalized" art/images, posted to his account a mash up of both brands (Fendi and Fila). The creative director of menswear, kids, and accessories contacted him through a DM on Instagram (of course, its 2018) and hasn't looked back since.
The line premiered at Milan fashion week in Feb of 2018. It featured many items with the brand "Fendi" printed in Fila's notable font. The collection that is titled "Fendi Mania" features ready to wear items and accessories for men, women and children.

Early in 2018 MCM celebrated their relationship between them and the world of music with the release of bags that featured elements from the music world, such as cassette tapes and vinyl records.

MCM x WizPak

Commemorating the 45th anniversary of hip hop, MCM joined forces with Wizpak, to bring luxury speaker embedded back packs to the market. It features a 3D surround-sound system, wireless Bluetooth, a 14 hour rechargeable battery, a place for your laptop AND a SOS emergency alert button!

MCM x Puma

Puma also joined forces with MCM in 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic Puma Suede's. MCM provided a twist to the classic shoes. the soles remain white but MCM prints can be found in Black and Brown, and also in Grey and White. The line is said to take inspiration from "Hip Hop royalty across the decades" Along side the sneakers, unisex tracksuits were also released. Each item has a unique serial number to uphold its limited edition status.

Timberland x Champion

This line was released last month (November) and it featured two different collections. The 1st which was released on Nov 10th and featured apparel such as short and long sleeved tees, fleece lined hoodies and jogging pants. November 26th there was an online only collection titled "Oxford Grey"

Champion originated in Rochester, NY,
  and is credited for inventing what we know today as the hoodie. Initially their focus was on high performance wear. It wasn't until the 80's that they appeared in commercial retail stores.
Timberland started off making shoes for England construction workers. They created a technique that connected the sole and top of the shoe together without stitches, essentially making them water resitant. This line is sold exclusively at Foot Locker.

Louis Vuittion x Virgil Abloh

In March of 2018 Virgil Abloh was appointed Louis Vuitton artistic director. He is the 1st designer of color to hold such a high profile position. Prior to that, his label "Off-White had been going five years strong. He describes the vision for his brand as "the teenager of Vuitton's adult" While the 2 are intertwined, there has not been a official release of an "off-white" Louis Vuitton collaboration.

Reportedly, During the first 3 months of 2018 there was organic revenue growth of 16%.

Recently in NY, Virgil was spotted carrying a bag from a up coming project with artist Jeff Koons. The strap included Virgil's signature tagging., but rumors have not been confirmed.
Despite the rumors each brand has had success with collaborations on their own. Abloh has sell out collabs with Nike Air Jordan, and Louis Vuittion collabed with skate-wear brand Supreme in 2017.

It's not surprising that so many companies  are mixing brands and logos to come up with new exciting and innovative ideas. Today's fashion is tennis shoes with blazers and high heels with sweat pants. Its high fashion AND its street wear, now more than ever! And I am here for it all!!