Plus Sized in a Petite World: "Who Gone Check Me Boo?"

Lets jump right into it. We all know, its not what you wear it's how you wear it. Big small, black or blue, style is style, and it cannot be bought. Too often, beauty is determined by popular opinion, shoved in your face via television programming or magazine covers. For a while skinny was the end all be all, especially in the fashion world. Fashion models could have abs for days, but if they had too much ass, they weren't considered "model size" But boy have things changed. What used to be frowned upon (in some communities) has now turned into a million dollar business. People are literally paying to be thick in the thighs and have junk in the trunk.

But even with this new found "acceptance" there were a few thing I couldn't help but notice. With so many boutiques and independent shops there are, many women express how tired they were of these boutiques not catering to their size. Most carry sizes small medium and large only and even shoe sizes seem to be limited to smaller sizes. So I decided to do a little digging.

In article titled "How Important are name brands" I touched on the fact that how we shop in 2019 is different. Retail stores are closing at a fast rate and we can thank technology for that. For the cost of shipping and handling, we can have items sent to our doorstep and never have to go a brick and motor again. But as with anything there are pros and cons.

While online shopping in convenient as ever, not being able to feel and try on items has become a huge problem.   You'll order something that is red, but arrives and it's orange, or not the red that you thought. Or the material of jumpsuit that you ordered is thin and cheap looking. This is a classic case of "What I ordered VS What I Got" and I've learned that sizing is no different.

Another article titled "How To Find The Perfect Outfit" says that reviews are your best friend when shopping online. Reading the reviews from people who have already purchased the item is going to give you information the vendor may not. Overseas vendors seem to be at the forefront of the boutique business. With that being said, some of the items made outside of the U.S follow a COMPLETELY different sizing chart. What may be considered large in China, may be a small in the United States. This can make getting finding larger sizes more challenging.

So yes, some boutiques carry smaller sizes because it's more convenient and cost efficient.  But as my grandma would say "One monkey don't stop no show!" Plus size women are fearless with their stride and unapologetic about your feelings! But don't take my word for it.

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This week's boutique spotlight goes to Boutique115 . This boutique specializes in plus size attire. From special occasion to street wear, "If you are a size 12 and up, this is the place for you to shop and feel good" Says Boutique115.  "Formely known as SheSGotCurves, they have been serving full figured beauties with trendy fashion choices since 2003."


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