Tabitha Brown's Daughter Choyce Brown is a Super Model and She Stays With A Look!


Tabitha Brown, a vegan chef and motivational commentator, has entered all of our homes and warmed all of our hearts with her southern twang and hospitality. Most recently Tabitha showed the world just how 'zen' she is when she confronted TV host Wendy Williams publicly about things said about her husband. Instead of fighting fire with fire, Tabitha simply said "God bless" in so many words.

Tabitha has taken her lane by storm, with television appearances, seasoning on shelves and a book under her belt, its only right that her family sees the fruits of her labor. I cant help but wonder if her daughter is just as calm cool and collected like her mother, because they are splitting images of each other. None the less Choyce stays serving up all sorts of looks from afro centric to 90's cookout, and we are here for it. Check out a few photo's below.

It's giving "Zendaya" she ate this look.


                                  She captured the essence of this era, nailed it!

It's so cool to see the young version of everyone's vegan auntie. What do you think?