5 Tips on Finding The Perfect Outfit

 Check your closet before going shopping

Especially if you are on a budget! Knowing what you have in your closet will definitely help with cost. For example, while looking in your closet you may come across something you forgot you had that would be perfect for the event you're attending. Whether its a pair of shoes or a handbag, you have now saved yourself time and money.

Go shopping alone!!

Now I know its girl code to go shopping with your girls but some times too many opinions can cloud your judgment. For example, you may love a look and ask your friend "what do you think?". If they don't react with excitement or same energy as you, you may second guess your look. Unless your friend is a stylist, leave their ass at home! Okuurt! This goes for significant others and children! (Because we  all know kids will have you distracted while shopping)

Go to the clearance section 1st!

This is like a shopping must. Especially if you're on a budget and even if you are not. The clearance section is like a shoppers gold mine! Now some may say "Its just full of clothes that are not in season". Yes and no. Clarence sales help minimize the financial impact of products that were not popular or over-stocked, without diluting the price levels of other merchandise. So a store may just have too many of a item and needs to make room for new merchandise. Or it may be the last of its size in stock and you just lucked out!! I love to brag on cute items, but even more so when I can get it for cheap.

Try it on!!

Duh!! This should be obvious, but I have to say it. Try it on!! Have you ever had the perfect outfit picked out in your head, try it on and think to yourself "this is not what I had in mind!". Yeah, its happened to the best of us. You have to remember that things look different on a hanger than it does on your body. Also, things look different on your body than it looks on someone else's body. Most of us know our size, but manufacturers sizes vary as well. I cant say it enough, TRY IT ON.

If your shopping online, just pray!! (kidding). No seriously give yourself enough time for an exchange if needed and READ THE REVIEWS!! The reviews will usually tell you if an item is true to fit or if you should size up or down.

Have Fun

Take more than 1 item in the dressing room and mix and match your items. Play around, fashion is fun. There are some things that you may not think go together until you put it on and it pops! Don't be so "matchy matchy" Let your signature piece (whether its the shoe, a top, whatever) speak for its self. Don't drown it out with too many similarities.