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Finally, spring is approaching.  If you live in the Midwest probably not so much, but its springtime none the less. If you're anything like me not only are you waiting for the weather to break, but your ready for another wardrobe change. Hoodies, sweaters and boots are nice, but its kinda hard to be fashionable when you're trying to stop your face from freezing off. We are ready for light jackets and denim patches! Just so you're ready, here are a few trends to be on the look out for!

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Bright Colors!!

Bright colors have seemed to make their way through all seasons, but the colors for spring/summer of 2019 seems to be right out of a 80's look book! Like seriously! Neon colors are all over the place. Lime green being at the fore front followed by hot pinks and highlighter oranges. And its not a touch of green, Its a slimey lime green body suits, or hot pink body con dresses.  How ever you wear your bright colors, be fearless!!

From left to right: @styledbyyb @imonmycooltay
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Biker Shorts!

What did I say? 80's look book! Biker shorts are no longer just for your work out, but that doesn't mean wear them without styling. Pair your biker shorts with a blazer or denim jacket to complete the look. Or do a matching top or graphic tee and dad sneakers.

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Another trend that lasted through the seasons. Idk if its slime season but the snake print is in! During the fall/winter season it was snake print boots, now we are moving on to snake print pants and mini dresses. Loud leopard print has also transitioned to the Spring season so don't be afraid to embrace the catty side. Pair with matching separates or wear as statement pieces either way you cant go wrong.

Model: Kiesha || Instagram @kiesha_kyeesha
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Utility Looks!!

Still in and still popping. I like to call this the "industrial look" most major brands are placing tags on the outside of the garments. Followed by buckles and straps added to garments for additional texture.

Tiny Bags!

Less is becoming more now a days even down to the bag. In the past big bags were in. With the new spring/summer trends, you'll be lucky to fit your phone and lipstick in your bag.

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Bucket Hats!!

This 90's trend is in! Whether it's stamped with a logo, or cover in a print, it can be pair with most street wear looks and even dresses and jumpsuits.

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90's TV looks!!

From Clueless to Fresh Prince of Bel Air, 90's TV looks are being remixed and recreated.  T-shirts printed with your favorite 90's TV shows are also super trendy, and of course millennials are adding their own spin to them.  

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Which ones have you seen already? What other trends are on the rise? Tag us and let us know !!


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