Swag in the City

Milwaukee is a thriving city. While many people like to act as if Milwaukee is a small city with nothing going on, it's actually the exact opposite. There are so many dope people doing dope things, especially on the fashion scene. Models, photographers, boutiques, designers,  hairstylist, musicians bloggers etc, the list goes on!!
Fashion is all about self expression, and the style of these people are undeniable. Swag, Sauce, Drip, whatever you calling in, they got it! Here is a list of the city's top fashion influencers.


"The Vatofied experience" is real okay!  Vato is a very eclectic stylist with the energy and attitude to make you feel untouchable. And when he has you jumping out the window thinking you can fly, you will be fly as hell while you're falling. With Las Vegas fashion week under his belt, Vato is just getting started. Stay tuned!
Source: Instagram @Vatomke


2. Erica Murphy

Owner of "Garb Junkie" Located at 2733 W Vilet Milwaukee WI, 53208. Erica is no stranger and has no fear when its comes to bright colors and statement pieces. Its like 1950's "pin up" meets 90's hiphop, and we are here for it! Her style definitely screams, "Live out loud."

Source: Instagram @garbjunkie


3. Q

You may know him from Vh1's Black Ink Crew as Caesar's assistant, but don't get the game twisted, Q has BEEN putting in work! Q is no stranger to the fashion scene and it's obvious why. As a personal stylist who has styled celebrities such as Dreezy, Asian Doll, Ms. Mulatto and even Migos. His work definitely lives up to his name.

Source: Instagram @superdopeclosetq


4.Paris Chea

Baaaaby!! I don't even know where to begin. If you want extreme glam look that is GUARNTEED to turn heads, Paris Chea is who you want.  The devil is in the details and there is NEVER a detail overlooked with Paris. Clients include Light Skinned Kiesha, K.Michelle, and Kash Doll, (and we know Kash Doll be fly AF). This ain't no "regular degular", don't check for Paris unless you're ready to stop traffic.

Source: Instagram @parischea



Who else should have been on this list?


  1. Once again never been too off into fashion but I love how you promote the local talent as well as bring attention to stylists I've never heard of or seen before will have to check them out for sure

    1. Thank you so much! one thing I love about fashion is that anyone can get fly! And we love to shine the light on others!

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