It's the Seamstress For Me! Chelsea Stotts Creates 9 Custom Jersey Looks For Tanykie's Jordan Themed Birthday Bash

 Alright Milwaukee, Let's get right into it. Tankyie's 23rd Birthday party was held at Kinky MKE and her and her guest did NOT come to play. With a Jordan themed celebration underway, she provided her guest with ample time to get it together and baby they called they right one!

Birthday Girl Tankyie

Chelsea has produced many collections and when she was called upon to prepare dresses for the party she did not shy away. She stated, "Most were made during the week & a half before the event but I made some squeeze in orders in as little as a day!"  She made a total of 9 dresses, which included the Lakers/Bulls collab dress worn Esha Carter, who was dubbed the night's best dressed! She took home the cash prize.

We got a chance to talk with Chelsea exclusively about the process of dressing multiple people attending the same event. We figured, it could be hard making sure everyone still has a unique look.  She stated, "About half of the looks had inspirations that I used as a guideline but none were exact replicas. The rest of the looks were freestyled! The ladies gave a couple notes on what they like but trusted my aesthetic as their designer"

Prices start between $100-$250 and can go up depending on the design. She also asks that you provide your own jersey. She says, "Idk anything about where to find jerseys & I want them to get exactly what they want lol."  


We also spoke with seamstress Basia Rose who also designed and constructed a look for the celebration. "It took me like 6 hours. Yes it was a challenge trying to come up with something different, switching the the patches around and keeping the jersey concept plus make sure it fits. I’m always inspired by what my rosebuds expect I just add my own touch... she wanted a Jordan two piece I found the jersey, took her measurements and made it happen."

Click here for videos! 


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