Lakeyah Returns to Milwaukee: Rocks Custom Outfit by Super Dope Q & Jock Monocc Receives Custom Air Force Ones from Trapart 101 Gets Slayed by Face Fiiend and More


Lakeyah has been dubbed the female GOAT, and for a good reason. Milwaukee's own has been putting on for the city since she has signed to record Label QC. With hits like 'Female Goat' featuring City Girls and Poppin featuring 'Gucci Mane', she is showing no signs of letting up, and the city is riding for her!

Now that we are back outside, the girls couldn't wait for her to "Pop out". Lakeyah hits the stage wearing a pink velour track suit with matching multicolored bra top and bottoms. If you are searching for this look, save your google search. Celebrity stylist Super Dope Q , tells us, "Lakeyah's outfit is a custom piece I designed with Jock Monocc." 

She was presented with a pair of custom Air Force Ones from one of  Milwaukee's best custom shoe designer, Trap Art 101. Her response: "Awe yeah!" 

Lakeyah's day party was held at Walker's Lounge on July 5th. She served up an electric green lace wig styled by Milwaukee's own Jazmie Jackson who also did Lakeyah's makeup. Her look was pulled together by a pair of lime green, orange and black leggings by The King of Style, a cute dainty white button up crop top and a pair of Alexander Mcqueen sneakers.

Dj Reggie Smooth Az Butta Brown was in the building of course.

She visited mini super fan and young entrepreneur Kimmy and made her day.

She was also presented with a set of dope nails, hit us for an ID please.

What other 'Lakeyah Looks' do you need the drop on? Let us know.

All images courtesy of Instagram